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Skin Tightening

What is Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening truly represents a revolutionary new method for non-surgical 3-dimensional rejuvenation. Skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure meant to tighten and lift lax or sagging and wrinkled skin. It is based on the fact that medium to deep heating of the skin causes both immediate collagen contraction and new collagen production that occurs over a 4-6 month period.

Scientists recently discovered that light and radiofrequency energy can be used to heat deeper layers of the skin while protecting the surface of the skin. This heating activates fibroblasts signalling new collagen to form and existing collagen to tighten over time. Intragen RF has been FDA approved for the tightening of skin over the face, neck, arms, tummy, thighs and buttock areas. skin tightening is not meant to replace surgical procedures such as face, eyelid, and neck lifts, but it is a good option for people who have mild-moderate changes and who understand that the results are noticeable but modest. These procedures represent an important and recent advance allowing derma surgeons to achieve 3-dimensional rejuvenation of the face and body without surgery.

Anyone who is looking to tighten and lift their jowls, neck, cheeks, and forehead is a good candidate. Also lax skin on the eyelids, a heavy brow, or upper eyelid drooping, as well as lax abdominal skin, upper arm skin, or lax buttocks or thighs may benefit from these treatments. In some cases we also find patients with superficial acne scars, rough skin texture, and mild to moderate superficial wrinkles can gain improvement with these treatments. You must understand the risks, costs, and time necessary to achieve the full benefit of the procedure's and have realistic expectations of the ultimate outcome.

Skin Tightening/Ultherapy is a great alternative to surgical facelift. It is the latest, non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to help you repeal the effects of time and gravity on your skin. In fact it is the only non-invasive technique that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift facial and neck skin. It is a highly precise medical procedure that applies high intensity focused ultrasound energy which delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin. This triggers collagen remodelling thus increasing the elasticity of the skin resulting in tightening.

It helps in brow lifting, reducing wrinkles around the eyes, neck and nasolabial folds, improving skin texture through by closing pores and reducing acne scars, lifting of double chin. It also causes brightening and tightening of skin. Redefining Beauty with HIFU takes around 30 minutes. A lunch hour procedure and with minimum no downtime, it is the answer to every one’s dream of looking younger.
Cause of Skin Tightening
These procedures can be somewhat uncomfortable during but are not unusually so after. It can feel like a “hot pinch” toward the end of each pulse. You need to feel some warmth and a little bit of discomfort but not outright pain in order for the proper energy to be delivered. Occasionally oral pain pre-medication may be taken for someone who is especially fearful or intolerant of discomfort. Tissue tightening procedures are no down-time procedures.

This means that you should be able to come for your treatment and go back to your activities of daily life the same day. Your skin may appear to be slightly red or slightly swollen after the procedure but makeup or sunscreen may be applied immediately. Certain light energies and radiofrequency energy can be used to heat deeper layers of the skin while protecting the surface of the skin. This heating activates fibroblasts signalling new collagen to form and existing collagen to tighten over time. In most patients a definite but modest to moderate improvement in the area treated is expected.
Treatment Summary
For facial procedures and depending on the treatment area you can expect improved jaw line definition (less jowl), a more toned central cheek area, and a firmer, less lax neck. In body tightening procedures with Intragen RF you can achieve toning of the abdomen and reduction of laxity, toning and narrowing of upper arm or thigh.

It is important that you understand that the results may take up to 3- 6 months to be appreciated and that they are not expected to achieve the same degree of improvement as surgical procedures.Improvement with Intragen RF may be seen in two to three treatments. Although in some patients the results from a treatment are seen immediately, in most patients they will appear gradually over 2-6 months.
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