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Skin Pigmentation

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is basically the presence of dark (hyperpigmentation) or light (hypopigmentation) patches on the skin. It is a commonly observed concern. It is not life-threatening, but it can definitely give sleepless nights to those who desire a clear and even skin tone. Before we look at how we can effectively treat pigmentation, first let us understand what causes it.

An abnormally high amount of melanin (hyper pigmentation) may affect large areas of the body or small patches. When exposed to sunlight, melanocytes produce increased amounts of melanin, causing the skin to darken, or tan. In some fair-skinned people, certain melanocytes produce more melanin than others in response to sunlight. This uneven melanin production results in spots of pigmentation known as freckles. A tendency to freckle runs in families. Increased amounts of melanin can be produced in response to hormonal changes such as those that may take place, in pregnancy etc. Some cases of skin darkening, however, are not related to increased melanin at all, but rather to abnormal pigments that make their way into the skin Hyper pigmentation can also develop after injuries or inflammation caused by disorders such as acne and lupus.
Cause of Skin Pigmentation
An abnormally low amount of melanin (hypo pigmentation) may affect large areas of the body or small patches. Decreased melanin usually results from a previous injury to the skin, such as a blister, ulcer, burn, exposure to a chemical, or skin infection. Sometimes pigment loss results from an inflammatory condition of the skin or, in rare instances, is hereditary.
Treatment Summary
Helios 3 Treatment:

The latest product in Laseroptek’s popular HELIOS line, the HELIOS III takes the treatment of pigmented lesions to a new level. The new HELIOS III will combine Laseroptek’s patented Nd:YAG technology with the newest industry features and technology. The HELIOS III design also features a space-saving smaller footprint.
The HELIOS III includes four auto-sensing handpieces:
  • 1064nm Fractional
  • 532nm Fractional
  • Zoom
  • Collimated
Each of the HELIOS III handpieces provides a high stability of output energy. The most amazing feature of the HELIOS III Nd:YAG laser is the ability to adjust from Single Pulse to Twin Pulse.

The Single Pulse provides a single focused beam that features more power than its competitors. The beam profile of the HELIOS III Single Pulse consists of one peak delivering a high amount of focused energy. The Single Pulse function is ideal for treating tattoos and various other skin lesions.

The Twin Pulse, also called Real Twin Pulse (RTP), provides a dual pulse, which is having two smaller peaks closer together, rather than one single pulse. This resulting dual pulse delivers more energy than the single pulse, but spreads it out over both peaks. The Twin Pulse is best used for pigmented lesions.

These are the Latest Helios III Treartment for Removal of Tanning
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